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Adult Mental Health Service Model Implementation Plan

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust has been working over the past two years with service commissioners, service user and carer representatives, and staff in the planning of a significant change to the adult mental health services across the Trust. In brief, the plan is to reconfigure the existing community mental health teams into specialist services, more able to meet the current and future mental health needs of the service users and carers.

As the final details were agreed on the shape of the new services through 2009, a timescale was laid out to implement these changes in April 2010 for the Doncaster services and October 2010 for the Rotherham services. A date for the North Lincolnshire services had not been finalised as it was agreed that the implementation would be aligned with other plans for this locality.

In the latter months of 2009 the Trust also entered into an agreement with commissioners to collaborate with NHS Doncaster to provide a single point of access for all adult mental health referrals, as a joint arrangement with the NHS Doncaster Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services, which added an important but additional area of work to the project.

The scale of the changes within the proposed new adult mental health services will be significant for service users, carers, staff and for primary care services. The Trust has received comments in recent weeks from some of the above that more time is needed to fully implement the proposed changes in a safe and robust manner. The Trust is concerned to ensure that these significant changes to the service model are implemented as smoothly and with as little disruption as possible, with sufficient opportunity for all involved to understand the new arrangements and to prepare for them.

The Trust has carefully considered the comments received and on balance has agreed that it would be beneficial to allow more time to fully communicate the changes and to allow more robust plans to be put in place for the changes in care arrangements for service users.

A revised timetable has therefore been agreed, as detailed below, with the main change being that the implementation for the Doncaster services will move from April to the beginning of August 2010. The period between April and August will be used as a transitional period so that in advance of the August start date, there will be a comprehensive communication programme delivered to primary care services, partner agencies and most importantly, service users and carers, through their existing workers.

Revised implementation plan

From (beginning of)

Single point of access for Doncaster services, jointly with NHS Doncaster

April 2010

New service model for Doncaster services

August 2010

New service model for Rotherham services

Feb 2011

New service model for North Lincolnshire services

Feb 2011

Ian Jerams

Chief Operating Officer

10 March 2010

For more information please contact the Communications Department on email, or phone (01302) 796204/6282/8134.

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