Great Oaks Tea and Talk event

A Scunthorpe unit that cares for people with mental health needs celebrated World Mental Health Day with a ‘Tea and Talk’ event.

The event which took place on Tuesday 10 October at Great Oaks in Ashby showcased the benefits of talking, writing and listening to promote mental health wellbeing.

Noma Makhanda, Occupational Therapist at Great Oaks, said: “The event has been a great success and proved very popular with all those who attended. Everyone enjoyed taking part in the ‘Let’s Talk’ themed activities which demonstrated the value of taking time to talk. Even just knowing that there is someone there to listen can be of great help.”

The unit’s patients, carers, family and friends took the opportunity to chat and mingle socially over a cup of tea and cakes.  Talking activities included using an old telephone box to share conversations about feelings and thoughts.

Writing activities included putting messages on tea cups, posting notes in a bottle and sharing their thoughts about mental health by writing them down on leaves which were placed on to trees around the unit.

Great Oaks is run by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust and provides adult mental health inpatient services in North Lincolnshire.

World Mental Health Day is hosted by the World Federation of Mental Health on 10 October each year.  The day provides the opportunity to raise awareness of mental wellbeing and to encourage people to seek help and support and to break down the stigma associated with the condition.

Photos show:  Staff at Great Oaks at the Let’s Talk event