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Community cardiac services

Address: Cantley Health Centre, Goodison Boulevard, Doncaster DN4 6BT 

We are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm on phone (01302) 379518 and fax (01302) 379546

Referrals can be accepted by letter, telephone or via the team email on

We can see people at home or in clinic depending on need.

Our services

  • Comprehensive cardiac assessment including risk factor assessment and negotiation of lifestyle plan (cardiac rehabilitation)
  •  Angina management programme – for people with newly diagnosed angina or those requiring more information to manage their angina
  •  The Heart Manual programme – a support programme for recovery after cardiac illness
  •  Onwards referral and/or signposting to mainstream lifestyle services including healthy weight solutions, psychological support services, social services and community matrons. We also work with district nurse teams helping to monitor people with long term cardiac conditions and limited mobility
  •  Trained smoking cessation advisors in cardiac nurse team
  •  Physical activity and exercise guidance for people with any heart condition including: walking programmes, home exercise plans, supervised exercise programmes in local gyms, help to return to previous activities and groups after heart illness
  •  Education programmes for people with heart illness to encourage self management, confidence and lifestyle change to reduce risk of future events
  •  Palpitations service including direct access 24 hour tapes, need referral from GP ( no referral to cardiologist unless 24 hour tape result abnormal)
  •  Comprehensive assessment service including ECGs, 24 hour tapes and access to echo results
  •  Warfarin initiation service (specialist nurse will prescribe warfarin)
  •  The team use telehealth equipment which helps people to monitor their condition at home. This includes monitoring of heart rate, weight and blood pressure with support and encouragement from the cardiac team
  •  Specialist nurse assessment and monitoring of people with heart failure including medication review with nurse prescribers.
  •  Symptom management programme at hospice daycare for people with heart failure
  •  Support and education service before and after pacemaker/defibrillator implantation.

Information for GPs and Practice Managers

Direct access 24 hour ECG tape service

24 hour ECG referral form

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