Listening into Action


What is Listening into Action (LiA)?

LiA is about engaging staff, patients, carers and our care partners to make changes at RDaSH that improve the services we offer to patients and improve the experience our staff have of working in our organisation. The LiA approach focuses staff upon changing processes and ways of working using a seven step approach to change.

LiA is an evidenced based approach which has been trialled and successful in a large number of NHS organisations over the past few years. It is a fundamental shift in the way we work and lead. The aim of LiA is to engage with, and empower, all staff to make the changes and feel proud of what they can achieve.

We launched LiA at our trust in April 2016, since then we have had; over 400 of our staff and 200 of our patients attend our LiA ‘Big Conversations’, 2200 staff respond to our 2018 Pulse Check and over 160 LiA outcome stories to share so far. The ideas gained from staff and patients have shaped many of the changes that we have made and continue to make on our LiA Journey. The LiA approach has also complemented some important changes that took place within the Trust, including the place based transformation plans and the unity programme which was aimed at developing our electronic records system.

Here are some pictures showing staff, patients, carers, governors and students getting involved in LiA activity



In years one and two, we achieved a lot including: over 160 clearly defined clinical improvements, 70 ‘Quick Wins’ and a ground swell of enthusiasm for quality improvement.

This next year will involve full engagement and involvement of the executive and wider leadership team; the streamlining of thinking and resources; actively adopting LiA around the Trust’s top priorities for improvement; making LiA openly and widely available to all staff.

Our 2018 LiA Journey is based on the new and simplified ‘LiA 4 Quarters’ model, designed to focus and streamline effort throughout the year. LiA thereby ‘maps’ into an ‘annual planning cycle’ to aid planning, actions and delivery of results.

This change will enable us to provide priority focus upon our ‘big ticket items; as well as the rapid changes that our staff have identified through the  Big Conversations and the Pulse Check, providing an extensive focus upon our ‘Big Ticket’ LiA priorities for 2018.

Staff at one our LiA events.

Staff at one our LiA events.

Repository of Positive Practice

We’re really proud of the huge changes we’ve made over the last few years and are pleased to share our latest LiA video with you, where you’ll hear from a variety of different people within RDaSH talk about their LiA experience. You can watch our video by accessing the following link:

Our LiA teams have had amazing outcomes working with service users, patients, carers and staff from many disciplines. Here is a video which highlights just one example from our Rotherham inpatient services, who launched their 20 week journey in May 2016:

We have made 165 changes using LiA, the stories of which can be found here:  LiA 165 stories

Monthly LiA updates are provided to the Board of Directors via the CEO Report, which can be found here at

If you have an idea that you would like to submit, or if you would like to become involved as an LiA champion please contact:

Or call us on 01302 796 811

More staff at our LiA event

More staff at our LiA event