Smokefree logoAs a Trust, we are committed to our staff and to our patients/service users.

We want the best possible health outcomes for everyone involved in our services. Quitting smoking is the single most intervention to increase the physical and mental quality of life.

RDaSH is implementing the recommendations of NICE Guidance PH48 which calls for support of smoking cessation or abstinence in all secondary care settings for patients, staff, carers and visitors.

The only part of our Trust which will not become SmokeFree is St John’s Hospice, in Doncaster.

RDaSH is committed to going completely smoke free on 1 March 2016.

 ‘Secondary care providers have a duty of care to protect the health of, and promote healthy behaviour among, people who use, or work in, their services. This duty of care includes providing them with effective support to stop smoking or to abstain from smoking while using or working in secondary care services’.

NICE Guidance PH48