Options Recovery College North Lincolnshire

Options Recovery College iconWe offer a range of recovery focused educational courses, which are aimed at supporting people to make the most of their talents and skills through self-management, enabling them to deal with their mental health challenges and helping them achieve the things they want in life.

Our courses offer opportunities to gain an understanding of the issues that challenge our mental health, begin the journey of recovery and the hope that taking control and self-management can bring.

All our courses offer a welcoming environment with small friendly groups. They are free of charge, and available to everyone, whether you have experience of mental health challenges, are a family member, loved one or friend of someone with mental health challenges, or a member of Trust staff.

We have seven core courses which vary in content, length and learning, as well a a selection of short taster sessions.

All students will receive help with:

  • Enrolment and Individual Learning Plan
  • Understanding of mental health issues.
  • Building your life
  • Developing life skills
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Getting involved.

Our aim is to break down barriers between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Where possible, our courses will be co-produced and co-delivered by people who have had experience of mental health challenges and those with professional experience. We will also be able to direct you to courses run by other agencies.

Register with us

To register with the Options Recovery College, you can write to us at:
Sandfield House
297 Ashby High Street
North Lincolnshire
DN16 2RY.

Phone us on 01724 275959
email us at: optionsrecoverycollege@rdash.nhs.uk

When we receive your registration, we will contact you to arrange an appointment with one of our workers to discuss your learning requirements.

Download our prospectus

Please follow this link or click on the image to download our latest prospectus.