Age 5 to 19 – Doncaster School Nursing

School nurses promoting health schoolsWho are we?

Our Doncaster school nursing team is a group of experienced qualified nurses and support workers who support young people aged 5-19 years and their families to stay healthy.

We work in partnership with other health service and education providers, and other wider social care and voluntary services for children young people and families.

How can we help?

We appreciate that life can be tough as a young person, dealing with pressure from school, home and friendship groups and sometimes just feeling like no one understands you. Sometimes you may feel lost and wonder what to do or wonder were to go and who you can talk too? If you feel like you want someone to understand and care, we want you to know your school nurse is there!

It’s impossible to list all the things we can help with here but we have summarised some of the keys we support young people with on a regular basis. Please remember no problem is too small and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Keeping healthy (physical, emotionally and sexually)
  • Immunisations
  • Emotional health (dealing with life’s ‘ups and downs’, including problems with relationships, friendships, bullying, self-harm and eating disorders)
  • Weight management
  • Sexual health
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Smoking.

Need help now?

If you feel you need help right away, during the hours of 9-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) you could try contacting the school nurses via our text number: 07917031891, or ring our office on 0800 0199 951. We have also included some other useful places you maybe able to access help below.

Call 999 for the Police, Ambulance or Fire services, but only when someone is seriously ill or injured, their life is at risk or they are in immediate danger.

101 is the number to call when you want to contact your local police when it’s less urgent than a 999 call.

Is it confidential?

We won’t discuss your personal information with anyone else without your permission. This includes parents and teachers.

This means that you can discuss personal information in confidence.

We would only pass on your information in order to protect you or someone else from serious harm. Whenever possible we would discuss this with you first.

Got something to say? Tell us

Your views are important to us and your feedback is key to shaping and enhancing the services we provide.