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newspapers and glassesWomen-only gene link to dementia

Scientists have found a genetic risk factor for late onset Alzheimer’s Disease which is carried only by women.

Dementia drug death risk warning

Experts have condemned the commonplace prescribing of sedatives to people in the UK with dementia.

It comes as a three-year study published in The Lancet Neurology reports a doubling of the risk of early death in those on the drugs long-term.

A ‘memory clinic’ for every town in NHS shake-up to target dementia

A network of so-called “memory clinics” is to be opened to place dementia on the same footing in the NHS as other major killers such as cancer and heart disease.

Designers’ hi-tech take on dementia

Confused? Drop into your neighbourhood Memory Clinic to get a quick check-up. Can’t remember the name of a favourite niece or nephew? It’s OK, they’re are all on your Mind Book – described as a Facebook for dementia sufferers.