Make your home smokefree

Whether you smoke or not we want as many people as possible to pledge to make their homes completely smokefree.


  • Smoking at home is harmful to others who live with or visit you, especially children and pregnant women. Tobacco smoke can have a serious effect on children’s health.
  • Even when you can no longer see it, tobacco smoke lingers and is harmful to health. It contains 4,000 poisonous chemicals too small for the eye to see.
  • Smoking in your home increases the risk of a fire.

Tips for a smokefree home:

  • Remove all ashtrays
  • Set up a smoking area outside
  • Keep an umbrella by the back door
  • Place smokefree stickers around your home
  • Ask visitors to smoke outdoors

Benefits from making your home smokefree:

  • Your family and friends who smoke will find it easier to give up
  • Your pets will be healthier (tobacco smoke can affect your animals)
  • Your house will be cleaner and fresher and will not need decorating as often

For free help to stop smoking phone the Doncaster stop smoking service on (01302) 640064. Outside Doncaster visit for help and information For free advice on preventing home fires visit For a free home safety check call 0114 253 2314 or text the word FREE to 87023.

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The Department of Health has launched a media campaign reminding smokers about the dangers of secondhand smoke to their children and families. The adverts dramatise the fact that over 80 per cent of secondhand smoke is invisible and odourless, making it impossible to control. So, even if you smoke near an open window or door, the smoke can travel and harm others. Go to watch the adverts.

Privacy Statement

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