Retention & Disposal Policy (Records Management)

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust Policy for Retention and Disposal (Records Management).

This Policy sets out the principles behind records retention and disposal so that records are not retained longer than they are required and in compliance with the NHS Code of Practice and other statutory procedures.

This Policy provides guidance as to how long records should be retained for and what action should be taken at the end of that time period. It covers the retention and disposal of all corporate, business, administration, fiscal and clinical records held by the Trust.

The destruction of records is an irreversible act, while the cost of preserving records worthy of permanent preservation is high and continuing. This document provides guidance on how:

• Long records should be kept for business purposes;
• To identify records of permanent value;
• Records identified for retention are kept; and
• Records identified for destruction are destroyed.

The Retention and Disposal Policy forms part of a framework of standards, policies, procedures and guidance which is being developed to support effective implementation of the Trust’s Records Management function. It supports the principle that all records should be managed in a way that allows the information contained within them to be available to whoever needs them, at the time and place they are needed. The Policy provides the Trust with the necessary guidance in relation to its legal obligation and practical necessities for retaining and disposing of Trust records.

To download the policy please follow the link:  Retention Disposal Policy v2.2

To download the EIA for this policy, please follow this link:  retention-disposal-policy-v2-eia