Care Programme Approach (CPA) Policy

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust policy for Care Programme Approach (CPA)

The CPA framework is intended to create an environment in which recovery is enabled, involvement is fundamental to everyday practice and the approach to care is one which maximises the safety and well-being of all as a priority. It is the foundation for excellent service provision and high quality patient experience provided through a multi-disciplinary and inter-agency approach.

The main body of this policy provides core guidance on the operation of CPA across all relevant services. It includes procedural information with regard to whom the CPA will apply, assessment, the role of the care co-ordinator, care planning and evaluation and review.

To download the policy please follow the link:  CPA Policy v11

To download the EIA for this policy, please follow this link: CPA Policy v10 EIA