Portable Bladder Scanner Use SOP

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for use of the Portable Bladder Scanner (BVI 3000/BVI 9400 and the Cubescan 700) within Doncaster Care Group

The aim of this SOP is to provide staff with best practice guidelines for performing ultrasound bladder scans.  Appropriate and timely use of the scanner can prevent unnecessary catheterisation, assist in the managing of incontinence and help diagnose urinary and bladder dysfunction.

This SOP applies in all areas where patients are nursed or cared for including patients in their own homes, community continence clinics, inpatient environments, and intermediate care and day care facilities.

To download this SOP please follow the link:  Portable Bladder Scanner SOP v1

This SOP is over-arched by the Catheterisation and Best Practice Guidelines Policy.  To access this policy, please follow the link:  Catheterisation and Best Practice Guidelines Policy