Doncaster Clinician’s stem cells save a child’s life

A Doncaster clinician who joined the stem cell donation register has saved the life of a young child in America.

Gurjit Basi, Senior Clinician for Looked after Children at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, answered a national appeal for Asian people to come forward as stem cell donors.

Gurjit registered with DKMS an international organisation that supports people with blood cancer and blood disorders. In October 2016 he found out that he had been matched.

Gurjit said: “I answered the appeal and registered. Then out of the blue I received notification that I had been matched. I felt a little anxious but honoured that I had been given the gift to help someone.

“My family were very supportive but anxious too because I was asked to donate by an operation rather than filtering my blood. I had the feeling that the donation was for a young girl and later when I found out that I had saved the life of a four year old girl in America I became quite emotional.

“The surgery wasn’t particularly painful but I have to say it was very draining for some time after. I sometimes get back ache which subsides but it is a small inconvenience to save someone’s life. I would recommend joining the register.”

Gurjit has recently found out that the child who received his stem cells has started to return to their normal daily routine.

DKMS works closely with patients and their families in appealing for more potential blood stem cell donors to join the register.

People in need of a blood stem cell donation are fighting life-threatening diseases such as leukaemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. Often, replacing their cancerous blood cells through a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor is their best chance of survival.

For more information about DKMS and on how to register go to:

To register as a donor with the NHS Blood and Transplant please go

Gurjit Singh Basi, Senior Looked After Children’s Clinician

Gurjit Singh Basi, Senior Looked After Children’s Clinician