Staff Engagement Strategy

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust Staff Engagement Strategy

This Staff Engagement Strategy is aimed at improving the way in which we engage with our staff and also increasing staff response rates to staff surveys which rate culture and engagement. We aspire to improving the way that all of our staff selfrate their engagement with services, leadership, and change processes. Through the development of a more engaged workforce, we will both improve patient care and also improve workplace culture. This more engaged workforce will be optimally placed to deliver both our Forward View Operational Plan and our Workforce Strategy 2016-2021. Although optimal staff engagement is not the end goal of our engagement strategy, achieving good engagement is critical to providing quality patient care and delivering upon our core business within the context of our internal transformation and the transformation of the wider Health and Social Care System within our locality and region.

To download this Strategy, please follow the link:  Staff Engagement Strategy 2017-21