Health visitor and stop smoking in pregnancy team up

Doncaster mums-to-be are set to benefit from a new joint venture between the stop smoking in pregnancy service and the health visitors at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).

The two teams have joined forces and come up with a combined approach that prepares pregnant women in the borough for their pregnancy, birth and new baby, together with stop smoking advice and information.

Paula Mallen, RDaSH Health Visitor and Smoking in Pregnancy Team Lead, said: “Even if they don’t smoke themselves women still need to know about the impact that smoking can have on their pregnancy and new born infant. That’s why we combined the Stop Smoking in Pregnancy service with the health visitor North Antenatal Solihull sessions.

“This means that expectant mums, fathers and partners now have everything they need to know about pregnancy, birth and their baby within a single group, while at the same time supporting those pregnant women to quit smoking. It also raises awareness among non-smokers of the impact that passive smoking has on pregnant mums and new born babies.”

To celebrate this new partnership, mums-to-be attending the group were treated to hand, foot and back massages, make-up and an opportunity to have their baby bumps painted, courtesy of students of White Rose School of Health and Beauty in Doncaster.

Megan Dowling, expectant mum who has attended the five week antenatal Solihull group said: “It’s been a great day and we’ve all really enjoyed being pampered. Although a non-smoker I do believe that it is important to understand how other people’s smoke can affect my unborn baby and I am pleased that we now get this extra smoking advice.”

The North Antenatal Solihull sessions are provided by RDaSH health visitor team and look after the emotional as well as physical health of the mum and baby. It weaves together the information that mothers, fathers and partners want to know about pregnancy and birth along with preparation for developing a relationship with the baby in the womb, during birth and after the baby is born.

Photo shows: (left to right): Jessica Pursall, Megan Dowling, Bria Carroll and Jade West showing off their baby bumps.

Photo shows: (left to right): Jessica Pursall, Megan Dowling, Bria Carroll and Jade West showing off their baby bumps.