Dementia friendly tips from author

A Yorkshire woman who was diagnosed with early onset dementia four years ago at the aged of 58 is helping a local health trust to create a dementia friendly environment for its brand new Community Clinical Research Facility (CCRF).

Wendy Mitchell, who is the author of the book titled Somebody I used Know and a leading speaker in the field of dementia visited Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust’s (RDaSH) Grounded Research team on August 3, 2018.

The visit took place at Almond Court on the Tickhill Road Site, the new location for the Trust’s Grounded Research team and the CCRF.

Wendy provided the team with advice and top tips on making the building more dementia friendly for people taking part in research studies.

Heather Rice, Assistant Director of Research from RDaSH, said: “We are delighted and extremely grateful that Wendy has given her time to come and visit us.  We’ve received first hand advice about the best colours, flooring and types of signage that work well for people with dementia. Once the renovation has been completed we will invite Wendy back to see the difference.”

Wendy is actively involved in research herself and has been a guest speaker at the Trust’s research conferences.

Speaking about her visit Wendy said: “It is exciting to be involved at the start of this renovation to help make this building a lovely, comfortable place which makes those attending feel at ease.”

The Community Clinical Research Facility will open its doors in September 2018. It is a key base for research studies making research more accessible to people and offering opportunities to engage in research for the most vulnerable members of our community

Wendy is pictured (seventh left) with Heather Rice (eighth left) and the Grounded Research team.

Wendy is pictured (seventh left) with Heather Rice (eighth left) and the Grounded Research team.