Catheterisation Policy

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust Policy for Catheterisation

This policy is to be phased out and replaced by the Continence Manual.  Please see the Continence Manual in the first instance for up to date procedures.

To highlight specific implications for clinical practice following the publication of the NICE Guidelines on infection control (NICE. 2012) and the national plan requiring action to reduce Health Care Associated Infection.  Saving Lives delivery programme, High Impact Intervention (2005, 2007) for health and social care services both within and outside the acute hospital setting.

Applies in all areas where patients are nursed or cared for including patients in their own homes, community hospital environments, acute ward settings, intermediate care and day care facilities and, have been designed to provide staff with best practice guidelines for performing urethral and supra-pubic re-catheterisation.

To direct staff on the principles and safe practice of catheterisation, in order to aid the reduction of cross infection to patients, visitors and healthcare workers.

To download the policy please follow the link:  Catheterisation Policy v2.1

To view/download the Equality Impact Assessment associated with this policy please follow the link:  Catheterisation Policy v2 EIA