Talk suicide to save a life  

We’re raising awareness to the people of North Lincolnshire that suicide can be prevented.

We’re supporting World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10 and encouraging the general public in North Lincolnshire to complete free online suicide prevention training to help save a life at

Graeme Fagan, RDaSH North Lincolnshire Care Group Director, said: “Every life lost represents someone’s partner, child, parent, brother, sister, friend or colleague. Generally speaking people find it easier to have conversations about physical health. But we shouldn’t shy away from talking about our mental health.

“Two out of three people who die of suicide are not known to the mental health services. This is why it’s important to recognise the signs of suicide behaviour and I would encourage everyone to do this free training to help prevent suicide.”

The Trust’s Suicide Prevention Lead, Sharon Greensill said: “Statistics show that in 2018 there were 6,507 suicides registered in the UK, a big increase from the previous year. Three quarters of those deaths were men, with Yorkshire and the Humber having higher suicide rates for males compared to the overall rate for men in England. The suicide rate among young women under the age of 24 has also increased to its highest recorded level since 1981.”

If you are experiencing suicidal feelings, please telephone the RDaSH Crisis team in North Lincolnshire 01724 382015.

Another alternative is calling The Samaritans free on 116 123. However, if anyone has actually harmed themselves they should attend Emergency Department immediately.

There are also a number of national helplines that offer support, a list of useful links can be found in the ‘Support and advice’ section of our website at the following link:

World Suicide Prevention day (WSPD) is organised by the International Association for Suicide Prevention and held on September 10.