Equality, diversity and inclusion at RDaSH

At RDaSH we would like to assure our staff, patients and communities that we are against racism and will not tolerate it within our organisation.

We are actively working to address discrimination, inequality and injustice and recognise that for change to happen in society we have to start within ourselves, our families, our practices and our organisation.

We recognise that it is not up to black and minority ethnic (BAME) people to dismantle racist practices but for us all to work together to make long lasting change.

We are committed to ensuring our services and employment practices are inclusive and that we engage, listen, learn and act to improve the culture of our organisation.

Our values are important to us and underpin how we treat our patients and staff. We recognise that talking about race, racism and discrimination can be difficult and challenging but we accept that we will need to go through this process to be comfortable and competent in making a difference to those who identify as Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME).

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