Why not enter?

Our Art Competition ‘The Value of Values’ has launched….why not get out your pens or paints and have a go?

We are looking for artwork which represents our following 6 values in action during recent times:

1.      Passionate

2.      Reliable

3.      Caring and safe

4.      Empowering and supportive of staff

5.      Open, transparent and valued

6.      Progressive

It could be something or someone that you have seen or been involved with, or something you have been witness to during the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought to life the importance and impact of people; the outcome of good leadership, caring staff, innovative ideas to get the job done and meet people’s needs, passion, dedication and so on.

This competition is being hosted on our Improvement HUB to invite entries from staff, and on our Engagement HUB to invite entries from patients, carers, volunteers, Governors and Foundation Trust Members.

The competition will run throughout July and up to the 14th August. Whether you are an experienced artist or a novice, we want to see your artwork! Just take a picture of your completed design and upload and post the details here on the HUB. Please include a few comments about your design and how you have created it and how it relates to the Trust Values of either passionate, reliable, caring and safe, empowering and supportive of staff, open, transparent and valued and progressive.

If you submit an entry here on the HUB, we will take this as your consent to be able to share pictures of your artwork along with your name, which will be shown on our intranet, website and on social media.

We look forward to receiving your entries:

Click here to view the challenge on the Improvement HUB.

Click here to view the challenge on the Engagement HUB.