Continuing Care Nurse Co-ordinator

Continuing Care Packages may be required when a Child or Young Person has needs arising from disability, accident or illness that cannot be met by existing universal or specialist services alone. Referral for consideration of a Continuing Care package is

Children and Young People’s Epilepsy Specialist Nursing Service

The children and young people’s Epilepsy Specialist Nursing service aims to improve care by: 1)      Providing education around epilepsy to clients and families, in order to help them become expert in their condition. Similar education can also be tailored to

Know the Score

Address Kimberworth Place, Kimberworth Road, Kimberworth , Rotherham S61 1HE Telephone (01709) 836047 Fax (01709) 302882 Continue reading

Project 3 Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Service

  Project 3 work with young people aged 18 years and under who need advice information, help, support and intervention around: How can a young person be seen? Young People can attend one of our walk in sessions at our

Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services

Feeling sad, worried or troubled? Our Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services (CAMHS) work with children and young people to help them cope when they are feeling sad, worried or troubled. The CAMHS site can now be found here: