Freedom to Speak Up

At RDASH we encourage any staff member who has a genuine patient safety concern to raise this within the organisation at the earliest opportunity.

This should initially be with their line manager or through clinical leadership forums. However, we also have in place a Freedom To Speak Up (FTSU) Guardian and team who can support people to raise concerns if they feel that they have difficulty doing so.

Patient safety is our main aim and our staff (whether  a temporary employee, permanent member of staff, volunteer or agency staff) are the best placed to identify if care standards are not at the level we feel our patients should receive.

We want every member of staff to feel able to raise concerns with their manager, clinical lead or other member of the leadership team, in order to maintain our high standards of care. If poor practice or wrongdoing is detected we want everyone in the organisation to be able to address this quickly and be confident in knowing that their concerns will be  addressed in a constructive way, without any prejudice towards them.

Clinical and managerial teams and the  ‘Freedom to  Speak Up’ Team will ensure that people who raise concerns are supported and any concerns are investigated and acted upon. We will also make sure that feedback is provided to those who raise concerns as soon as possible and throughout the investigation process, if one is required.



Contact details for our Freedom to Speak Up Champions

Our Freedom to Speak Up Guardians covering all of our Trust are pictured together with Jude Graham,who leads on Freedom to Speak Up, (3rd from left, back row)

Our latest Freedom to Speak Up Champions are below:

Dietitian Laura Clarke

Head of Information Systems

Caroline Greenhough

Helen Thorpe

Robert Magginis

Contact us

If you have a concern about a risk, malpractice or wrongdoing at work we hope you will feel able to raise it with your line manager or lead clinician. If you do not feel this is appropriate please contact the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian for Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust: Judith Graham on 01302 796399 or via email: 


Other members of the Freedom to Speak Up Team are Alison Pearson (Non-Executive Director), Rosie Johnson (Executive Director of Workforce and Organisational Development) and Kathryn Singh (Chief Executive).