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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of temporary service changes in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Temporary changes to our services.


We have a range of information and advice here: Coronavirus information.

Suffering anxiety, depression, low mood, stress?

We can help! Free, confidential NHS talking therapy service to help you. For more details visit Improving Access to Psychological Therapies.

Improvement and Culture

What we do

Our business is helping – helping individuals, teams and the organisation to support change which brings about improvement in quality and culture – namely how well we do what we do, and the way we do things.

At RDaSH we recognise that change is complex and that support and governance are proportional to risk, cost and complexity, and that one size fits no one. Our mission is Leading the Way with Care, and we need to enable and support our workforce to achieve this.

We like to do things a certain way around here – we call it The RDaSHWay

We believe that to make changes that improve the quality of services, we must also focus on culture and the way we do things across our organisation. To do this, we need to focus on quality improvement, project management, and organisation development. We also need to support wider cultural development agendas which shape who we are; including our safety culture, equality, diversity and inclusion, spiritual care, and our freedom to speak up.  Together, we aim to create compassionate and inclusive cultures where improvement is everyone’s business.

We have introduced a stepped change framework and agreed a simplified approach to governance. Our aim is to enable people to make local changes, and where possible to Just Do It, see the process flow to see how this works.

Check out this Vlog to hear more

Location: Woodfield House

Tel no:  01302 796273


Twitter: @RDaSH_Culture