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Friends and Family

Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) was introduced for mental health and community services on 1 January 2015.  It is an important indicator of how well we are delivering services to our patient, and their families and carers.  We use our Your Opinion Counts form to collect this information as this also included the FFT question at the start of the form.

Remember, whether you are a patient, carer, family, or friend, your opinion really does count. You can tell us more here Your Opinion Counts or you can use the easy read version.

To watch a clip on the Friends and Family test please click on the links below, the bottom link incorporates sign language.  You can also see our results so far by clicking this link.


RDaSH Friends and Family Test Q3 2015-16

2016-17 data

2017-18 data

2018-19 data

2019-20 data

2019-20 data