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When will RDaSH go Smokefree?cigarettes stubbed out

1 March 2016

Who will this apply to?

Everyone, including all patient, service users, staff, visitors, and contractors. There will longer be any designated areas for patients to smoke. That’s a positive thing because even though we already have a Trust policy for staff, visitors and contractors it will be smokefree for everyone with no exemptions.

What will be different from how it is already?

From the 1 March 2016, the Trust will no longer have outside smoking areas for patients/service users.  Staff will no longer facilitate smoking during escorted leave. Patients will not bring any type of smoking paraphernalia: lighters, cigarettes, tobacco, matches, e-cigs to the ward and staff will not be required to keep it for safekeeping.

We will be committed to providing a level of nicotine replacement therapy so  that any smokers can manage nicotine withdrawal comfortably.   We will have champions on our wards ready to provide behavioural support and advice so that patients can hopefully quit for a longer period rather than just their stay in hospital.

We will help our staff to quit through the support of local stop smoking services.

We will transform our outdoor space that was previously associated with smoking shelters.

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Don’t staff and patients have a right to smoke?

There is no legal right to smoke. However we do have to have a duty of care to protect the health  of our staff and patients  and to promote healthy behaviour among, people who use, or work in, our services.

What about patients who need to smoke?

There is no obligation to permit people to smoke. Nothing harmful will happen to someone if they do not smoke. But because someone may feel uncomfortable and experience withdrawal symptoms we will help manage the withdrawal symptoms during their stay through the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

What about e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are treated in exactly the same way as any other form of smoking and will not be permitted to be smoked in any of our grounds or buildings.

Can staff smoke in their uniform?

No, staff are not permitted to smoke whilst in uniform, irrespective of whether they are on duty, or on Trust premises, when the uniform is identifiable as a Health Worker’s uniform. This principal equally applies to staff wearing an identity badge. It is not appropriate for those staff who can be recognized as a representative of the Trust generally to be seen smoking as this is in conflict with the NHS aims to improve health and reduce smoking.

Can staff smoke in their car?

Smoking is not permitted in Trust owned, leased or hired vehicles. Smoking is not permitted in privately owned vehicles while traveling with other Trust staff on Trust business. Smoking is not allowed on Trust’s premises in a private vehicle.

What about when staff members take a patient on leave, it’s a good no smoking signway of building relationships.

No, staff members are on duty and it is their responsibility to promote health and well-being. Staff should not smoke with service users/patients.

Can staff take a break to leave the site and have a cigarette if they make sure that they work the time back at the end of the day?

No, there are no such things as cigarette breaks. Staff are only permitted to smoke during their agreed and official unpaid break times such as lunch time. It is up to you to manage without a cigarette during work hours. You smoke partly because you are addicted to nicotine and partly because of the habit you have built around smoking. Customer being shown how to use nicotine replacement patches in pharmacy.

How can I get more support or advice?

You can seek advice from your local stop smoking service or pharmacist.

For free advice about your smoking if you live or work in Doncaster or Rotherham:

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Help RDaSH go smokefree by sending in your ideas!

Because our Trust is so diverse we appreciate your strength of feeling regarding going smokefree.

Please e-mail if you have any concerns or ideas about going smokefree. By going completely smokefree, many benefits await our patients and staff members. How can we do it in the best way possible? It’s everyone’s responsibility!