Rotherham Intensive Community Therapies Team

We are a specialist service who strive to deliver excellent care, therapies and interventions to individuals and their carers who are trying to work their way out of a severe and disabling mental health problem.

Some of these problems may include personality disorder, severe anxiety, severe depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, phobias and other difficulties that are likely to be caused by past life experiences which may include trauma.

We are a dedicated and highly skilled team trained in a range of therapies, social work and other evidence based interventions to help guide you towards your own personal goals for recovery.

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of psychiatric nurses, social workers, community support workers, occupational therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Our aims are to assist you towards reducing distressing symptoms, focussing on personal goals, improving social functioning  and enabling you to progress toward a more independent and enriching life.

Occupational therapy young woman sitting at table

Contact us

Address: Swallownest Court, Rotherham S26 4TH Telephone: Automated service for the North Adult Locality Mental Health team please dial: 01709 447767

For the South Adult Locality Mental Health team please dial: 01709 447765

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