North Lincolnshire Options Team Workshop

Receiving secondary mental health services?

On the road to recovery?

Ready to take the next step?

The North Lincolnshire Options Team Workshop offers activities in a friendly, supported environment to people who are looking to develop skills, build confidence and self-esteem. workshop entrance


The Workshop

The Workshop is based at Sandfield House in Ashby and provides a vocational focused service for people in mental health recovery, who have goals such as going to college, looking for employment, volunteering, or are interested in taking part in another community-based activity, such as attending social groups.

People who attend the workshop are encouraged and supported to:

  • Improve concentration.
  • Build confidence in social situations.
  • Learn self-coping skills in a positive, supportive environment.
  • Regain skills as a stepping stone to work, education etc.

Activities are run in small groups in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and everyone is encouraged to work at a pace that is comfortable to them.

When someone starts the course, their goal is recorded and used as the focus of their time in the Workshop.

Activities on offer

We have a range of artistic and practical activities available. They are all designed for beginners – so no previous experience is necessary.people working in the workshop

We support service users to take part in:

  • Woodwork
  •  Crafts
  •  Glasswork

All courses run for eight weeks. They are free and there is no charge for anything made in the sessions.

After the course

At the end of each course, every service user is supported on to the next stage of their goal, and we support them to link to other agencies and organisations such as health trainers, Voluntary Action North Lincs (VANL) and Mencap who can help with the next part of the recovery journey.

Depending on their individual goals, people who have attended the workshop have gone on to attend activity groups in the local community, part/full time further education, voluntary work, work placements and even paid work.

The referral process

It is not possible to refer yourself to a course at the workshop. You must be receiving secondary mental health services and have a vocational goal like those outlined in this leaflet.

After your worker has completed the referral paperwork, we will contact you to invite you to come and meet us and have a look around the workshop.

If you’ve got an interest in gardening, there is also an opportunity to get involved with our gardening project, learn how to grow fruit and vegetables and manage tubs and hanging baskets at certain times of the year.

Want to know more?

Please phone (01724) 275959 if you’d like to talk to someone about the workshop.

Download our Options Workshop leaflet (in printable format).