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What is Know the Score?

Know the Score is a young people’s drug and alcohol service for under 19s
• Who use drugs or alcohol themselves
• Who have a friend or family member who uses drugs and alcohol
• Who want to find out more information about drugs and alcohol.
Know the Score is a confidential service. This means no information will be given to anyone but you. In special circumstances we may need to share your your information if there are concerns for your or others’ safety. If this is the case your worker will always try to inform you before sharing your information. This will be discussed with you at your first appointment and on an ongoing basis.

What can Know the Score do?

Young people can speak to a worker about their own drug and/or alcohol use or someone else’s drug and/or alcohol use. Know the Score will not lecture you or tell you what todo. Know the Score will try to listen and support you to make informed choices.


Know the Score has a range of leaflets about drugs and alcohol. Workers will try to answer any questions you may have.


If a young person wants regular sessions from Know the Score for support they will be given a key worker. This means that the young person would see the same worker every time they are seen (except in exceptional circumstances).


Know the Score has an outpatient clinic once a week for young people who may need to be seen by a doctor to help them with stopping or controlling drug and alcohol use. Young people can also get into hospital if they need special help with their problem.

Needle exchange

Know the Score can provide clean injecting equipment and offers advice around safer injecting to young people who are already injecting drugs.

Relapse prevention

Know the Score can offer support and medication (if needed) to young people who have already stopped using drugs or alcohol.


Know the Score workers often visit places like schools, youth centres, care homes and other young people’s services.


Know the Score workers can speak on your behalf if you want them to. This might include coming to meetings, speaking to parents /carers or teachers and so on. This will not be done unless you want a worker to do so.

Know the Score workers can also make appointments on your behalf and talk to you about getting help with housing, benefits, education, training or getting a job.

Know the Score in your community

Know the Score workers are now working out in local communities and cover the whole of the Rotherham borough. Please contact Know the Score if you would like to find out more about where you can see a Know the Score worker in your local area.

How do I get an appointment at Know the Score

To make an appointment with a worker from Know the Score, either telephone, write or send us a fax. We will take some details and arrange to see you. Know the Score normally asks where you want to be seen. If you are ringing on behalf of someone to make an appointment, you will need them to agree before Know the Score can offer an appointment.

Useful Information

Know the Score leaflet

Contact us

Address: Kimberworth Place, Kimberworth Road, Kimberworth , Rotherham S61 1HE

Telephone: 08000 199951

Email us on our secure email:

You can contact us direct between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside these hours you can leave a message on the number below. We will return your call on the next working day.

Alternatively out of hours you could telephone NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

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