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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of temporary service changes in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Temporary changes to our services.


We have a range of information and advice here: Coronavirus information.

Being a carer

“Martha was diagnosed over three years ago, and apart from a few hiccups we’ve managed well, thanks to support from family and services. ELDERLY PERSONS SHOOT (FARNHAM)

“Things can be tough – I’m nearly 80 – as Martha needs a wheelchair when she goes out, and she cries when we put her in it.

“She doesn’t talk much, just mutters and cries sometimes. I find I drink a few pints to help me cope. Mark and Sandra come over daily, but we don’t see much of the others.

“Our personal assistant is great, but she is not here enough, and I’m tired and think we both need looking after.”

Try and plan decisions early while you are in control to try to prevent a crisis occurring. Things like telecare alarms can help with keeping people safe at home, and can be advised on by your community team or social services.

Going into a home

“I’ve talked to Mark and we decided that his mum and me should go into a home.

“It’s all complicated because she needs nursing care and I don’t, but we want to be together. Unfortunately I’ll need to pay for my own care, so our house is on the market.”house for sale

Difficult decisions are best made with help and family. Please keep communicating – people are there to help, even if you are not keen on what they are advising.