Coniston Lodge

Coniston Lodge

The ward provides assessment and treatment for patients who are experiencing functional mental health problems such as depression, psychosis and other related illnesses.

We provide a person centred approach to the assessment and delivery of care and treatment.

The emphasis of this is on understanding and supporting an individual’s qualities, as determined by their life history, experiences, likes and dislikes, and their needs and abilities.

Our aim is to work in partnership to promote the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of people who access the help and support of the Older People’s Mental Health Services while here on Coniston Lodge.

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Address: Coniston Lodge, Tickhill Road Site, Weston Road, Balby, Doncaster DN4 8QN

Telephone: (01302) 798066

Where possible, we ask that you telephone the ward after 11am, to allow staff time to help patients with washing/dressing and breakfast.

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