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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of temporary service changes in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Temporary changes to our services.


We have a range of information and advice here: Coronavirus information.

Practical issues

Woodlands external shotVisiting times

Visiting times on the wards are:

2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm every day.

If you are unable to visit at these times, arrangements can be made for you to visit at other
times. If this is required, please speak with the nurse in charge on the ward to arrange this.

Visitors will be asked to visit in the central area of the unit, where a café run by the local Alzheimer’s Society is available for refreshments.

Occasionally this may not be possible and arrangements will be made for visitors to stay on the ward.

If children are likely to visit please inform the nurse in charge, as we have a family friendly visiting area on the unit.

Visitors are asked to respect the privacy of other patients on the ward and comply with ward safety regulations.

To prevent the spread of infection we ask that visitors do not attend the ward if they have signs of a cold, cough or stomach upset. Alcohol hand gel is available at the entrance to the ward for visitors to use before entering. Hand washing facilities are available in the toilets in the central area.

Car parking

There is limited disabled parking only in front of The Woodlands. All other visitors are required to use the parking arrangements on the Rotherham Hospital site. Information on local transport arrangements can be found in the entrance to the unit.

Meals, snacks and refreshments

Meals are served in the dining area on the ward:

  • Breakfast 8am
  • Lunch 12pm
  • Evening meal 5pm
  • Supper 9.30pm onwards.

Snacks and drinks are offered throughout the day.

We operate protected meal times on the ward, which means that at these times no clinical activity takes place, other than in an emergency.

We do not encourage visiting at meal times, but there may be times that a member of staff asks a relative or carer to attend at meal times to assist with feeding their relative/friend.

We aim to provide varied and nutritious meals that take into account dietary and cultural needs and offer a choice of dishes to suit individual dietary needs, and choice of portion size.


While in hospital patients need day and night clothing, as well as indoor and outdoor shoes. Staff encourage and help patients to get dressed each day in day clothing. Where possible we ask patients to send their personal clothing home to be washed. If this is not possible, please speak to a nurse on the ward, as we may be able to help.

Patients need to bring their own supplies of toiletries, makeup, perfume and aftershave.

Money and valuables

The RDaSH finance department is situated at the entrance to The Woodlands. Any money or valuables patients bring will be kept there for safekeeping and a receipt will be given. A small amount of money can be kept in the ward safe, to allow patients to purchase newspapers etc. money and wallet

We cannot take responsibility for missing clothing or valuables on the ward and strongly recommend that all items of value are sent home for safe keeping, or placed in the finance department.


In order to deliver person-centred care, we may ask patients to bring in photographs
of them and their family.

These can be photocopied, or if they are recent digital photographs they may be
printed from a computer. Staff will then laminate them to use in discussion with the patient.

We will try to take care of your photographs, but they may be lost or damaged on the
wards, so please do not bring photographs that are valuable to you.


The Woodlands has a hairdressing room that can be used by staff and visitors to was and dry hair. We also have a hairdresser who visits each week who can cut, perm and colour hair.  There is a charge for using this service. scissors and combs

Telephone and mobile phone use

There is a pay telephone at the entrance to The Woodlands, but telephone calls can be received on the ward. Where possible we ask that phone calls are received after 11am.

Mobile phones can be used in designated areas within the ward area.