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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of temporary service changes in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Temporary changes to our services.


We have a range of information and advice here: Coronavirus information.

Suffering anxiety, depression, low mood, stress?

We can help! Free, confidential NHS talking therapy service to help you. For more details visit Improving Access to Psychological Therapies.

Carer Awareness Training Resource for Staff

This resource has been developed to support one of the key elements (standards) to achieving the Triangle of Care by ensuring that all staff are ‘carer aware’ and trained in carer engagement strategies.

The training resource has been produced as a direct result of work with carers during 2016 and forms part of the work of the Triangle of Care Steering Group, of which a small working group was established to develop the resource.  This resource was launched at our Steering Group meeting on 14 November and will be rolled out across all of our services.  This will be delivered locally through designated Carer Champions, allocated to each of our services/teams as part of their role.

The training resource comprises:

  • Carer story at Trust Induction each month as part of the patient experience session for all staff
  • A series of postcards highlighting ‘real’ comments from carers who may have experienced barriers to engagement in the past. The postcards include possible solutions and engagement strategies to break down these barriers and improve engagement in the future –view the postcards
  • A series of posters for display in all service areas (on same themes to the postcards) – view the posters
  • A leaflet for all staff, which includes:
  • Encouraging staff to recognise that carers are key partners in the planning and provision of care
  • The benefits to working closely with carers
  • Recognising what carers are actually saying is important to them when working with services
  • Useful resources to support staff in carer engagement
  • An opportunity for staff to get more involved through the Triangle of Care

View the leaflet

Here is some guidance for Carer Champions who are looking at starting ‘conversations’ with colleagues Triangle of Care Aspire training presentation

Common Sense Confidentiality

This video provides information about confidentiality and the sharing of information and involves a conversation between a professional and a carer.

Common Sense Confidentiality Video

Pictured are members of the Triangle of Care Steering Group.