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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of temporary service changes in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Temporary changes to our services.


We have a range of information and advice here: Coronavirus information.

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Health Champions

Health Champions

Corporate Health Champions

Doncaster Care Group Health Champions


Health Champions Listed

Children’s Care Group:

Ann Francis, Health Visitor, Doncaster. Email:

Carys Amies, Children’s Epilepsy Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Kath Plevey, Contraception & Sexual Health Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Maria Rodgers, Community Nursery Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Mary Baggaley, Stop Smoking Nurse, Doncaster, Email:

Mary Cooper, Admin lead, Doncaster, Email:

Sally Birrell, Team Leader (School Nursing), North Lincs. Email:

Maureen Beirne, Health Visitor, Doncaster. Email:

Julie Lodge, Associate Nurse Director, Trust-wide. Email:

Tammy Hill, Health Visitor, Doncaster. Email:

Rachael Topping, Health Visitor, Various. Email:

Tracy Wileman, Nurse Consultant, Doncaster/Rotherham. Email:

Nanette Mallinder, Peer Support Worker, Rotherham. Email:

James Gosling, Disability Peer Support Worker, Rotherham. Email:


Corporate Care Group:

Lori Smith, Support Services Supervisor, Trust-wide. Email:

Sue Statter, Learning & Development Facilitator, Doncaster. Email:

Luke Jones, Buyer, Doncaster. Email:

Noma Makhanda, Freedom to Speak Guardian, Trust-wide. Email:

Patrick Reeves, Workforce Assistant, Doncaster. Email:

Kathryn Singh, Chief Executive, Trust-wide. Email:


Doncaster Care Group:

Judith Bower, Support Worker, Doncaster. Email:

Nicola Clayton, Staff Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Annette Raybould, Support Worker, Doncaster. Email:

Nichola Friar, Support Worker, Doncaster. Email:

Paul Busfield, Support Worker, Doncaster. Email:

Lynn Sadler, Support Worker, Doncaster. Email:

Laura Downing, Community Learning Disabilities Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Amy Durnford, Community Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Julie Boyle, Community Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Morag McKay-Ellison, Charge Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Deborah Kinch, Office Manager, Doncaster. Email:

Craig Garth, Staff Nurse, Doncaster. Email:

Suzie Musgrave, Drug and Alcohol Nurse Case Manager, Doncaster. Email:


North Lincs Care Group:

Charlotte Simpson, Learning Disability Nurse, North Lincs. Email:

Louise Burnell, Learning Disability Nurse, North Lincs. Email:

Scott Feeney, Community Mental Health Nurse, North Lincs. Email:

Mel Cole, Office Manager, North Lincs. Email:

Chloe Fewster, Nursing Assistant (Mulberry Ward), North Lincs. Email:

Sabrina Robinson, Nursing Assistant (Laurel Ward), North Lincs. Email:


Rotherham Care Group:

Rebecca Campbell, Physiotherapist, Rotherham. Email:

Sharon Challinor, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Rotherham. Email:

Jenny Jones, Team secretary, Rotherham. Email:

Dave Evans, Nursing Assistant, Rotherham. Email:

Laura Charlesworth, Admin Lead, Rotherham. Email:

Amanda Harrison, MHA Administrator, Rotherham. Email:

Claire Morgan, Access Practitioner, Rotherham. Email:

Kelly Stevenson, Support Worker, Rotherham. Email:


For more information about your nearest Health Champion, or, to sign up to be a Health Champion please contact Health and Wellbeing: