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Gaining new skills and qualifications at 43

When Emma Skirrow was 43, she gained a new job and decided she wanted more knowledge, so she decided to be an apprentice.

Emma, a Data Quality Technician, at our trust, is now encouraging others to follow the apprenticeship route, whatever their age, to get the qualifications they need.

Emma, who is speaking out during national apprenticeship week, which runs from 5 February to 11 February, started a level 3 in being a data technician, 12 months ago. The mum of three, from Thurnscoe, Rotherham, also receives time to study at work.

“When I was successful in getting my new job I knew the basics of being a data quality technician but I wanted to learn more. I wanted to study to gain knowledge but also for confidence, so that I knew what I needed to do this new role,” said Emma.

“Doing the apprenticeship reassured me, it gave me the knowledge I needed and it helps my long term plan of progressing in my career.”

Emma had worked for 20 years in legal services before taking the leap into the NHS.

“I joined the NHS because I wanted opportunities, “added Emma. “When you’re a legal assistant it’s the same job every day, there’s no progression.

“I’d say to anyone looking to increase their confidence levels or wanting an extra skill to do an apprenticeship,” she said. “Especially if you work in the NHS, there’s so many different career routes you can take. In the NHS and through apprenticeships you can really decide where you want to go with your career!”

You can see Emma’s story on YouTube (opens in new window).

Anyone wanting more information on apprenticeships at RDaSH should contact Jade Pullen via email.

Emma Skirrow, Data Quality Technician.

Published: February 05, 2024


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