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Raising awareness of alcohol harm

Aspire, our service in Doncaster which supports people who are regular or heavy drinkers, is using alcohol awareness week (1 July to 7 July) to raise awareness of the harm alcohol has, on the person, their family, friends, community, and emergency services.

In partnership with registered charity The Alcohol and Drug Service, they provide guided sessions and early support to help people to reduce and control their alcohol levels.

The theme of this year’s alcohol awareness week is ‘alcohol harm’. It aims to get people talking about the role that alcohol plays in our society, and what it means for families, communities, health workers and those in our emergency services.

Alana Jury, senior case manager, alcohol early intervention team at Aspire, said: “We are focusing on those who wouldn’t normally use traditional alcohol services. They will be those who are perhaps holding down a job, have a home and supportive family and friends, but are finding that their alcohol levels have or are increasing. Our aim is to help them to manage their drinking within safe tolerances, so they don’t become dependent and reliant on alcohol.

“Some people who have long term health problems may not realise how alcohol can impact and amplify their condition or create associated health risks. Drinking more later in life can also cause problems, which we cover during our education sessions.”

Current government guidelines advise that people should not regularly drink more than 14 alcohol units a week (an average bottle of wine is around 10 units). More information can be found on the rethink your drink Doncaster website.

Andy Collins, Doncaster public health on behalf of the alcohol alliance, said: “Alcohol can play centre stage in our lives. It’s promoted as we watch our favourite sports, films, and TV shows. It’s advertised as we travel around. It’s there when we celebrate, commiserate and when we are just trying to cope.

“Yet alcohol is harming our health and wellbeing, from the quality of sleep we get to our relationships both at work and at home with friends and family. Each year, thousands of people experience long-term problems due to the alcohol they drink or die from alcohol related causes.

“By talking about alcohol, it can create an environment in which we are all better informed and better protected from the harms caused by alcohol.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing drug and, or alcohol issues and want to talk to someone in confidence, please visit Aspire’s website (opens in new window), or ring 03000 213900.

Published: July 05, 2024

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