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Volunteering boosts confidence and leads to a job

When Becca Robinson decided she wanted to change direction with her job. She turned to volunteering to give her the steer she needed.

Becca (29) of Balby, Doncaster, was working in a care home as a beautician, but she wanted a change, packed in her job and headed to volunteer with us.

And after four months of working on receptions at The Opal Centre, at Tickhill Road Hospital site, and at St John’s Information Centre, at St John’s Hospice, she has now secured some bank work as a domestic.

Becca, who gets married later this year and volunteers for two days per week, said “I wanted to help the NHS out and wanted experience to get a job in the hospital, which has turned out well for me. Eventually I hope to head into other health care roles.”

Becca is promoting volunteering as we gear up to celebrate national volunteers’ week. A volunteering and involvement celebration event will be held at Doncaster’s CAST theatre on Monday 3 June where new and aspiring volunteers and people who want to get involved are invited to drop in to talk to staff between 1:30pm and 3:30pm to find out more about the new and exciting volunteering and involvement opportunities at RDaSH.

Becca added “If anyone is thinking of volunteering, I’d say go for it. It really is great experience that can lead to a job role. Volunteering has given me more confidence and helped me to get employment and before I started my job I knew a lot about the services RDaSH offers.”

Our Chief Executive Toby Lewis has committed to a number of promises to engage both volunteers and local people in all aspects of decision making across the trust’s services.

Anyone wanting information about volunteering or involvement  should contact the Patient Experience and Involvement team by emailing

Becca Robinson.

Published: May 17, 2024


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