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You’re never too old to study an apprenticeship

When Doncaster woman Debbie Horton started in a new role at a local health trust it was highlighted to her that she had lots of experience but no relevant qualifications to climb the career ladder, so she signed up for an apprenticeship.

Debbie, who was 50 at the time, completed three years of study in 2023 and is now looking forward to studying a chartered manager health and social care degree level qualification.

Debbie (53) of Doncaster, one of our e-rostering support officers said: ”In 2015 I joined RDaSH’s admin bank, working where and when the NHS trust needed me. In 2016 I got my current role. I love e-rostering, it is literally getting the right people to the right place at the right time to support clinical staff across the whole trust.

“When it was highlighted to me that I’d great life experience but no formal qualifications for management roles, that’s when I decided to study for a level 5 apprenticeship.

“I love my job and now I have my qualification I can look towards career progression,” added Debbie.

“My advice to anyone thinking about studying an apprenticeship is ‘go for it!” said Debbie. “You’re never too old for an apprenticeship.”

Debbie can be seen on YouTube (opens in a new window) speaking about her apprenticeship

Anyone wanting more information on apprenticeships at RDaSH should contact Jade Pullen via email.

Debbie Horton, Apprentice.

Published: February 05, 2024


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