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Urgent community response

The Urgent Community Response (UCR) team offers immediate care and assistance for patients experiencing health crises within their homes.

To utilise the urgent community response service, you need to be affiliated with a Doncaster GP, aged 18 or above, and facing a health and wellness emergency that can be handled within your residence.

How we can help

The team provides rapid access to various health and social care professionals within two hours for older adults and individuals with complex health needs who urgently require care at home.

Services provided by the UCR team include:

  • facilitating access to and supplying equipment to help maintain independence
  • administering necessary medication as prescribed
  • referring patients to other essential services if required
  • conducting blood, urine, and other diagnostic tests
  • assessing symptoms and offering clinical observations
  • offering catheter care if needed

How to get help

Referrals to the UCR team can be made through the single point of access (SPA).

Please note, this service is not suitable for patients needing hospital assessments for conditions like stroke, heart attack, fractures, acute head injuries, or acute haemorrhages.

Additionally, it does not cater to patients requiring specialised mental health interventions. Upon referral, the team will arrange a visit to assess if this service is appropriate for your needs.

Contact Doncaster urgent community response

Lines are open every day: 8am to 6pm.

Plan your journey

If you use public transport, the Traveline journey planner provides information about what services and times are available.

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