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Annette’s charter

This charter has been written in memory of Annette Burt 1958 to 2014

“The world was a better place when she smiled”

Annette was a unique lady who was capable of touching people’s hearts and souls. She had an enduring fondness of animals, birds and music, a great passion for life and tried to live her life to the full. Her infectious smile made the world a better place.

She leaves a huge gap in the lives of her family and her many friends, who remember her fondly. The last years of her life were particularly difficult for her. We can only imagine what she must have gone through and hope that no one else has to suffer again like Annette did.

We hope that the creation of a better life for the learning disability community and their families can be achieved through learning from Annette’s experience and the promises made in her charter.

You can watch the video in Annette’s memory on YouTube (opens in new window)

Our charter

Our promise to you, your family and your carers.

We will find ways of involving you and your family in key decisions around your life and in the future services you receive. If you lack capacity we will follow “best interest guidance” and include your family or carer at our meetings.

You will have a personalised communication plan which will be reviewed regularly with a family member or carer. A named person will make sure this this happens.

We will make sure that the people and family involved in your care are valued and listened to. We may not always be able to do as your family member or you choose but we will look at alternative options. This could be because of the law or we are not able to provide this.

We will make sure that there is visiting, stays and open visiting to family if you are admitted to an acute hospital setting. We will make sure that challenging behaviour is recognised as a communication of possible distress or need.

No one should be afraid to complain. Complaint forms will be available to all and will be easy to use. Everyone should be confident that if they wish they can complain and expect a timely response to their complaint.

“I want to thank Gordon and Diane for working with us. We listened to Annette’s family and organised an independent report so that Annette’s care could be looked into. The report found missed opportunities and all organisations involved have acted on these to ensure services are improved. The charter shows what RDaSH pledges to our patients who have learning disabilities and their families.”

Kathryn Singh, Former Chief Executive, Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

Annette Burt, 1958 to 2014.

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