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Chaplains and volunteers

Our chaplains

Hassan Jamil

Hello, I’m Hassan, and I’ve been leading the spiritual care centre and Chaplaincy team at the trust since 2018. I’m passionate about patient advocacy and pastoral care, extending my experience from community and prison ministry to university chaplaincy.

I believe in the strength of a multidisciplinary team and enjoy contributing to presentations and workshops that enhance the understanding of healthcare chaplaincy.

I value sincere interactions and aim to empower people to speak freely without fear of judgment.

June Rutherford

Hi, I’m June, and I’ve been part of the trust since 2003. I thrive in caring roles, connecting with patients, their carers, and colleagues.

You might find me on-site in Doncaster, visiting wards or staff areas. I enjoy informal chats and am a regular presence in our memorial garden, tending to the roses or engaging with visitors.

My faith, belonging to the Methodist church, complements my role as trust chaplain, providing strength for supporting others in challenging situations.

Father Andrew Graydon

Greetings! I’m Father Andy, a Roman Catholic priest at St Joseph’s parish Dinnington and a chaplain in the Rotherham and Doncaster area. Since 1997, I’ve been involved in healthcare chaplaincy, offering pastoral and spiritual care to patients and staff.

Collaborating with professionals in the trust, we explore the intersection of mental health care and spirituality through workshops and awareness days. I’m available for personal spiritual direction and guidance.

Reverend Russ Westfield

Hello, I’m Russ Westfield, the chaplain at Great Oaks in Scunthorpe. As the pastor of New Life Church for over 20 years, my journey includes launching hostels for the homeless and homes for women with life-controlling issues.

Having experienced my own mental health journey, I became bi-vocational to support RDaSH and Great Oaks in their crucial work. I’m proud to contribute to mental health care in my community.

Imam Hasim Patel

Greetings, I’m Imam Hasim, a chaplain with over 10 years of experience. Engaging with various institutions has deepened my understanding and willingness to connect with people of diverse cultures, faiths, and backgrounds.

This opportunity with RDaSH aligns with my desire to help and care for the most vulnerable in our society, building on my communication and interpersonal skills.

Chaplaincy volunteers

Our dedicated volunteers, ordained and capable of performing religious duties, visit weekly. They focus on the neurological rehabilitation wards and adult mental health units at Tickhill road, contributing to the wellbeing of our service users.

Meet our volunteers

Our current volunteers are:

  • Reverend Bob Lawson
  • Barry

Volunteer at RDaSH

Chaplaincy volunteers play a crucial role in enhancing the spiritual care and overall wellbeing of our colleagues, service users, and carers at RDaSH.

Working closely with the spiritual care team, our chaplaincy volunteers are integral members of a diverse group of chaplains dedicated to supporting and caring for all, irrespective of denomination, gender, faith, or belief.

These volunteers are valued members of the public, recognised and approved within their own denomination, faith, or belief group. Ideally, they bring previous pastoral experience to their role.

As a chaplaincy volunteer, you will:

  • engage in meaningful conversations and listen to the stories of patients or carers
  • actively promote the important work of the chaplaincy within the community
  • offer pastoral fellowship to patients, staff, and visitors, creating a supportive environment
  • respectfully pray with a patient if they request it or guide them to a chaplain for further support
  • identify situations requiring additional pastoral care and refer patients to the chaplain for further assistance

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer or learning more about this rewarding role, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Neil Anderson.

Contact the spiritual and religious care team

Contact spiritual and religious care

The Spiritual Care Centre
Tickhill Road Hospital
Weston Road

Feel free to leave a short message with your name and contact details.

Contact us to volunteer

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