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We were granted foundation trust status in August 2007. This makes us more responsive to the needs and wishes of the communities we serve and gives us greater freedom to decide, with our governors and members, our own strategy and the way our services are run.

The board of directors comprises seven non-executive directors, including the chairman, and six executive directors, including the chief executive. The board of directors has three key roles:

  • formulating the strategy
  • ensuring accountability
  • shaping the culture

Our council of governors represents the views and interests of the public, patients, carers, our staff and other stakeholders. Their meetings are also chaired by the chairman, who ensures that there is effective communication between the board of directors and the council of governors and that, where necessary, the views of the governors are obtained and considered by the board of directors.

Both bodies meet in public and time is set aside at the meetings for those attending to ask questions.

Our board secretary is responsible for managing the corporate governance arrangements.

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