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RDaSH clinical and organisational strategy 2023 to 2028


RDaSH is ambitious about driving change and improvement for our patients, staff and local communities.

This 2023 to 2028 trust strategy sets out our ambitions over the next five years. By delivering these ambitions we seek to improve health and care for local people and support our people and teams to thrive at work.

The strategy, and how we work to deliver it, will be framed around
our five objectives. Those are to:

  1. Nurture partnerships with patients and citizens to support good health.
  2. Create equity of access, employment, and experience to address differences in outcome.
  3. Extend our community offer, in each of and between physical, mental health, learning disability, autism and addiction services.
  4. Deliver high quality and therapeutic bed-based care on our own sites and in other settings.
  5. Help to deliver social value with local communities through outstanding partnerships with neighbouring local organisations.


Page last reviewed: February 12, 2024
Next review due: February 12, 2025


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