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Psychological Health Observatory

The Psychological Health Observatory (PHO) is a partnership between RDaSH and the Department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield.

The PHO conduct world-class research, combining the clinical expertise of NHS staff and the methodological expertise of academic researchers. Their central aim is to accelerate the impact and benefits of research into clinical practice in the NHS and public health in the wider community. To achieve this, they involve clinicians, patients and wider community members in designing, producing and disseminating research that is focused on preventing and treating mental health problems.

Their work concentrates on two broad themes: psychological interventions for mental health problems and occupational health interventions to prevent and reduce burnout.

Industry partnerships

The PHO have a special interest in digital health technologies and artificial intelligence; their studies covering the above themes often include technology-enabled interventions and decision-tools. They welcome collaborations with digital technology developers and companies.

For enquiries about their work, please contact us at:

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